Transitioning from Womanhood into Motherhood: Claire Gavin

Spotlight on Single Motherhood

Jun 30 2020 • 15 mins

Transitioning into motherhood can be incredibly overwhelming. How can you adjust socially, physically, and emotionally with this important phase? How do you juggle this process together with taking care of a new child?

Today’s guest, Claire Gavin, helps us handle this transition with grace. She is the founder of Antares Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching and a life coach who focuses on individuals who are currently undergoing significant life transitions. In this episode, she gives great tips, tools, and recommendations that can definitely be of benefit to you.

We discuss our personal experiences dealing with this phase, effective coping mechanisms, important self-care methods. We talk about the benefits of a network, positive feedback, and how you can regain your confidence and self-esteem as a mother.

Claire conducts international coaching through zoom to offer guidance and advice for women who are struggling in their transition towards motherhood. She has created a three-step program that is helping many women rise up and go forward.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How motherhood can be filled with uncertainty and doubt
  • The value of having a support system during motherhood
  • Why you have to give yourself grace and kindness
  • How focusing on the little wins help you get through your struggles
  • Different ways you can raise your mom esteem
  • Why you need to take a social media cleanse
  • Why you should consider having a life coach while pregnant
  • The power of daily affirmations
  • The importance of gratitude and positivity
  • Why you need to be patient and accept this phase

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Facebook @Claire-Gavin-Transitional-Life-Coach

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YouTube @marg&claireTV

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