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The FOX True Crime Podcast w/ Emily Compagno

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Each week, Emily Compagno – Co-Host of Outnumbered on The FOX News Channel - will be joined by a team of FOX News Digital true crime reporters, legal and law enforcement experts, along with the latest insights from the FOX News Investigative Team. Emily will bring stories of survival, solved and unsolved murders, America's Most Wanted killers, missing persons, and celebrity crime trials. This podcast will bring the listener into the story, as told by the people involved and those reporting on the ground. New episodes available every Tuesday, along with bonus episodes every Thursday. read less

Our Editor's Take

The FOX True Crime Podcast w/ Emily Compagno researches crime stories that are hard to forget. Some are unforgettable because they feature well-known criminals. Other cases are unsettling because they remain open. A few episodes involve such unlikely criminals that listeners might become wary of people they know. Host Emily Compagno is an attorney and cohost of Outnumbered. She interviews prosecutors, officers, and survivors to find undiscovered crime details.

Listeners might think they know everything about the Murdaugh murders. But The FOX True Crime Podcast w/ Emily Compagno shares new insights. Compagno asks an informed attorney about Murdaugh evading arrest at first. Did his legal skills help him admit to theft and lies but deny murder? Did Murdaugh attempt suicide-by-hire? Or was his shooting meant to distract people from his financial crimes? Why was his family linked to several mysterious deaths? Compagno pursues answers.

The FOX True Crime Podcast w/ Emily Compagno studies stories that question when to be suspicious. There's an angry man who neighbors knew to avoid. But did they suspect he'd kill a bus driver and take a child hostage? There's a woman who lost her baby and offered her baby supplies to a pregnant woman she met. After the pregnant woman came to collect the supplies, she disappeared. The suspect seems obvious. But Compagno interviews the missing woman's cousin, who names more suspects.

The podcast discusses dangerous criminals to apprehend, like the Gambinos and Hell's Angels. A former agent details his harrowing, two-decade gang member pursuit. The FOX True Crime Podcast w/ Emily Compagno airs longer and shorter bonus episodes. The shorter episodes explore crimes, but some also include levity. In one, Compagno interviews the man who trained a dog that detained a White House intruder. The former US Secret Service officer tells a funny story about choosing that heroic dog as his K-9.

The FOX True Crime Podcast w/ Emily Compagno will interest anyone who's had a feeling they can't ignore. These stories prove the importance of trusting instincts. But they also revere brave humans (and dogs) who prevent crime and protect the defenseless.

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