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It seems many of life's most important conversations never happen. If these tough topics never arise in polite conversations, perhaps a podcast is the place to do it. At least, that's what Anna Sale, host of Death, Sex & Money, thinks.

Everyone faces tough questions and challenging choices in life. Life is full of awkward obstacles that ordinary conversation can't handle. Things can be hard, from student loans to the unspoken hardships of marriage. Why should these universal experiences be taboo to talk about?

Follow along as host Sale explores life's biggest questions and roughest rides. With a smattering of compelling topics and fascinating guests, Death, Sex & Money is captivating. Each episode focuses intensely on things of consequence and intrigue. It goes where other people (and podcasts) will not. It's also compelling enough to listen to many episodes all at once.

From pop culture icons to the plight of teachers, the diversity of Death, Sex & Money keeps it fresh. This immersive podcast faces friendship, financial hardship, divorce, and social issues head-on. The entertainment factor is through the roof. A few life lessons might pop up along the way too.

The Death, Sex & Money podcast is a must-listen for lovers of real-life conversations and hard-to-broach topics. Nothing is off-limits. And, of course, every episode is sure to mesmerize. Be sure to tune in as Sale tackles the tough topics. It's guaranteed to be a surprising and exciting time.

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Productive Discomfort: A Job Training Program for Single Moms That Centers Mental Health
Dec 6 2023
Productive Discomfort: A Job Training Program for Single Moms That Centers Mental Health
Hannah is 34, has two kids, and lives in Casper, Wyoming, where she was born and raised. Hannah’s been working in construction for 3 years, ever since she graduated from Climb Wyoming’s 12 week job training program, where she earned her commercial drivers license.  Climb Wyoming has been around for more than 36 years and helps single moms like Hannah gain financial independence and stability by teaching them the specific skills that are needed to get hired for local jobs. These are jobs that have a path for advancement, and can help get the moms out of poverty, like commercial truck driving for Hannah, or, for a mom named Kendra, becoming a bank teller at a bank in her small town.  But Climb Wyoming also provides mental health and emotional support—among the moms and from the staff. This is key in helping moms like Hannah, who dropped out of school when she was 16 because of crippling anxiety. Anna talks with Hannah about finding a sense of belonging and how Climb gave her the tools to stay present in moments of stress. Anna also talks with Climb leaders, Katie Hogarty and Molly Kruger, about why centering mental health is crucial to the success of their program, and to 24-year-old mom, Kendra, who shares one of the most valuable lessons she learned at Climb: “We had a saying that says, ‘They hire you for your hard skills, but they fire you for your soft skills.’” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In Our Marriage, Psychosis Comes and Goes
Nov 15 2023
In Our Marriage, Psychosis Comes and Goes
When Giulia Lukach had her first manic episode, it seemed to come out of nowhere. She was in her late twenties, and had been married to her husband, Mark, for three years. “For him it was just so new because I’ve always been the happy girl,” Giulia told Anna in an interview in 2015. Her psychosis was dark and intense.“ The only thing she could talk about was the devil and that she needed to protect the world because the devil was inside her,” Mark said in their 2015 interview. In 2023, Mark and Giulia sat down with Anna again. In the intervening years, they had a second child, and after years without Giulia having a manic episode, they thought they were in the clear. “We had this quasi-pseudo-science theory that maybe by sharing our story with the world, that was becoming this like protective barrier,” Mark told Anna. In this episode, you’ll hear parts of the couple’s original 2015 conversation, and how their outlook has changed since, both in how they treat each other, and how they deal with the unknown. “I have been to war with myself and with my mind many times,” Giulia said, “knowing that my episodes can come at any moment – that's like high anxiety for me – and so I literally live in the moment now. I only live in today.” Also, side note: Will you be in New York City on Saturday, December 9th at 12:30pm? Come to a Death, Sex, & Money live event at Caveat, a cabaret on the Lower East Side, to celebrate the show’s run at WNYC. We’re calling it Four Interviews and a Funeral. Join Anna, the team, special guests, and dance along to live music. Tickets are available here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit