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Our Editor's Take

The Dear Prudence Plus podcast is a companion to the popular long-running Slate advice column. The Dear Prudence column began in 1997. It got its name from the title of a Beatles song. Jenée Desmond-Harris hosts the podcast. She took over the column from Daniel M. Lavery in 2021. The person doing the column and podcast is known to readers and listeners as Prudie."

Before taking over Dear Prudence, Jenée was at the New York Times. She was a senior staff editor in the Opinion section. She has also written for Vox and The Root. Jenée is a graduate of Howard University and Harvard Law School.

Each podcast episode of Dear Prudence Plus features one or two guests The guests join Prudie to answer letters from Slate readers. Guests have included Cheryl Strayed. The Wild author has her own advice column, Dear Sugar. The two give advice in "My Husband Stopped Using Soap and He Stinks. Help!" LeVar Burton, the actor, director, and educator, has also appeared on the podcast. He helps a reader asking how to handle getting rejected for an acting role.

Brian Lehrer appears in the episode "My Wife Goes Braless Around Our Teenage Sons. Help!" Brian is the host of WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show. Prudie and Brian address how roommates should handle mismatched levels of COVID-19 concern. What about going out to eat with friends who order different things? Prudie and Brian offer advice on how to split the check.

Candice Lim appears in the episode "A Co-worker I Dated Is Spreading Rumors About Our Breakup. Help!" Candice is co-host of the Slate podcast ICYMI. Prudie and Candice address what to do with an invitation from a friend with a filthy home.

Other episodes include "Almost 50 With No Friends. Help!" and "My Partner Might Be In Conversion Therapy. Help!"

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