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The Last City


Season One:

In the climate-ravaged year of 2072, Pura stands as a miraculous green haven, a geoengineered paradise that protects lucky residents from the global catastrophes of heat domes, fires, floods, and droughts. Demetria Lopez is Pura's PR fixer, tirelessly promoting the city's idyllic image. But when she stumbles upon a dark secret that underpins Pura's existence, she must decide who and what she is willing to protect.From Wondery, the makers of Academy and Dr. Death, The Last City stars Jeannie Tirado (Fairy Tale Zero), Celia Rose Gooding (Star Trek: Strange New World), Rhea Seehorn (Better Call Saul), Maury Sterling (Homeland), and Skye Lourie (The Pillars of the Earth).

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Season Two:

Exiled from a world of engineered perfection, Demetria crash-lands into the brutal reality of the Outerlands. Distrusted by the defiant survivors, her only hope lies with a mysterious AGI, First Belle. But the secrets it holds could break her... or forge her into the hero she never knew she could be.

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Our Editor's Take

The Last City podcast is for dystopian science fiction fans. The show may also appeal to those interested in climate change narratives. It tells the riveting story of the future world ravaged by climate catastrophes. Across two seasons, each dramatic episode follows the tale of Demetria Lopez's life in Pura, the last remaining flourishing city in a globe of ruin. What happens when she discovers the truth about the city's manufactured image?

The protagonist, Demetria Lopez, is Pura's dedicated public relations agent. Her job involves promoting Pura's utopian image. Demetria makes sure the outside world sees the city as a flawless sanctuary. The voice talent for the podcast includes Jeannie Tirado, Rhea Seehorn, Maury Sterling, and Skye Lourie. Each actor brings depth and emotion to this fictional saga.

Demetria uncovers an unsettling secret that threatens to shatter Pura's flawless facade. This revelation forces her to confront several moral dilemmas. Each episode of The Last City explores complex themes like destiny and secrecy. Many compromises happen in coming to terms with a world teetering on the brink of collapse.

The podcast unfolds over several episodes. Each describes different aspects of life in Pura and the challenges Demetria faces. "Have a Puran Day!" reveals Pura as a climate oasis but hints at the hidden complexities within its borders.

In "The Coming Storm," Demetria confronts her past when an unexpected visitor arrives. This visitor challenges her present responsibilities and loyalties. "Paper Tigers" involves a mysterious message found in the Museum of Human Experience. This discovery leads to a conspiracy that could alter Pura's future.

Listeners may find The Last City podcast a thought-provoking imagination of Earth's future. It reflects on climate change and the resilience of the human spirit. Audiences can enjoy an immersive listening experience courtesy of Dolby Atmos technology. New episodes air on Monday.

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Season 2

Season 1