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Son of a Boy Dad

Barstool Sports

Lil Sasquatch recently dropped out of college and is rudderless in this big mean world. To help fill in the gaps on the education he missed, he leans on his producer Rone to help him craft a healthy worldview and teach him what it means to be a man

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Our Editor's Take

The Son of a Boy Dad podcast is not what the title seems to be. This Barstool Sports production is not for family listening. But it is very funny. This is the audio version of the show's YouTube video podcast.

Lil Sasquatch and Rone are the hosts of the show. Thanks to Twitter and Barstool, Lil Sasquatch became rich and famous at a young age. So he dropped out of college. Rone also works for Barstool Sports, but he is a little older and a little wiser. (Or at least he thinks he is a little wiser.) The theme of the Son of a Boy Dad podcast is that Rone is the "boy dad" of the title, with Lil Sasquatch as the "son." Rone will teach his friend, colleague and cohost about life.

It doesn't seem like much teaching goes on in this podcast, though. Most of the show consists of the two guys rambling and talking about what's on their minds that day. And saying funny things to make their listeners laugh. In one episode. Lil Sasquatch does a 90-minute episode while sick, and they compare it to the Michael Jordan flu game. The comparison is arrogant, but it also works.

The two friends talk about their summer vacations and holiday travel plans in some episodes. In others, they talk about genitalia. Come to think of it, every Son of a Boy Dad podcast episode talks about genitalia. When they're not doing that, they're making bathroom-humor jokes.

GenZ males may relate to this show since the hosts are members of that generation. Since this is a Barstool Sports show, the humor is both juvenile and adult at the same time. But despite the title, it is not the kind of show for parents to listen to with their kids in the car. The Son of a Boy Dad podcast isn't for everyone, but it does have many devoted fans. And it makes those fans laugh with each episode.

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