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Hannah Berner & Paige DeSorbo

Welcome to Giggly Squad. Each week, Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo make fun of everything, but most importantly themselves. They discuss pop culture, fashion trends, television, horoscopes, mental health, dating, and expose their personal lives. Also, they can't be managed.

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Sup Gigglers
Oct 19 2020
1 min
Giggling about Hannah's weddingGiggling about Paige being shadowbanned, our toxic traits, and the wedding weekGiggling about Andy's baby name, Justin Bieber's pubes, and Marilyn MonroeGiggling about Paige’s parasite, Starbucks conspiracy, and AbercrombieGiggling about Hannah's Bachelorette, espresso martinis, and fake pradasGiggling about Ciara Miller, top models, and panic attacksGiggling about open marriages, sending Craig flowers, and bimbocoreGiggling about slapgate, love vessels, and Paige’s hairGiggling about the dancer cult, bad vegan, and Elizabeth HolmesGiggling about SXSW, bad actors, and blow job hacksGiggling about 2022 fashion trends, cryptic pregnancies, and customer service crushesGiggling about private jets, snorting spray tan, and fake bagsGiggling about depressed vaginas, circumcision, and playboysGiggling about partying in LA, read receipts, and love languagesGiggling about tour life, personality prostitutes, and the tinder swindlerGiggling about being petty, strippers, and pregnancy scaresGiggling about deux moi, vagina smells, and calling 911Giggling about Machine Gun's proposal, Jamie Lynn Spears, and field partiesGiggling about Aspen adventures, UTI bonding, and Julia FoxGiggling about boyfriend grid posts, stuck in Aspen, and New Years resolutions