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Deadly Diocese

Rachael O'Brien | Morbid Network | Wondery

Driven by Father Joe’s twin sister’s unwavering determination to get justice for her brother, an unlikely friendship with an outcast Priest and the autopsy tech who alongside the famous Dr. Cyril Wecht, exhume the body, perform a second autopsy and find disturbing evidence that should prove this could not have been a suicide.From the creators of Seven Deadly Sinners comes a podcast investigating a True Cold Case, Hosts and Producers Rachael O’Brien and Greg Hunter work along side Father Joe’s twin sister Sue and former autopsy tech, Joe Wedge, to expose the Diocese for what it really is - Deadly.For years the Buffalo Diocese has been covering up abuse, hiding money, exploiting children and adult men alike - This podcast investigates, boots on the ground in Buffalo, and unravels the cover up of the mysterious death of Father Joe Moreno.

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Our Editor's Take

Deadly Diocese is a true crime podcast that explores the mysterious death of a priest. Father Joe Moreno was a Catholic priest in Buffalo, New York, who died in a church rectory in 2012. Authorities said it was suicide. But Sue Moreno, the priest's twin sister, insists that someone murdered her brother. The show examines the evidence and tries to determine what happened.

Rachael O'Brien and Greg Hunter cohost and co-produce Deadly Diocese. They are longtime true crime podcast voices. The Buffalo Diocese, where Moreno served as a priest, has had several scandals over the years. There have been financial issues as well as alleged sexual abuse claims. Sue believes her brother had fought to expose such problems, costing him his life. She says he was right-handed, so she does not think he could have shot himself with his left hand. Sue and her father, Joe Moreno, Sr., have tried to get at the truth for a decade. This podcast investigates the story to see if the family's suspicions are correct.

Podcast hosts Rachael and Greg travel to upstate New York for the show. They try to discover the truth of this cold case for Deadly Diocese. Joe Wedge, a former autopsy technician, helps them as well. Will a second autopsy of Moreno prove that someone murdered him? What happened to the medal that President George W. Bush gave Moreno? It went missing from his room upon his death. Listeners will learn what the podcast hosts think happened here.

Rachael and Greg are also the voices behind the popular true crime podcast Seven Deadly Sinners. They know how to make a compelling show and find justice at the same time. New episodes for Deadly Diocese come out every few weeks.

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