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The Athletic's flagship baseball podcast features some of the best writers and thinkers in the game. With rumors, analytics, trivia, prospects, rankings and big name interviews, we've got you covered from Spring Training through the World Series. MONDAY: Starkville with Jayson Stark & Doug Glanville | WEDNESDAY: The Roundtable with Grant Brisbee, Andy McCullough and Marc Carig | FRIDAY: Nesbitt and Friends read less

Our Editor's Take

The Athletic Baseball Show: A show about MLB is a daily baseball podcast for MLB fans. It contains the same high-quality reporting as that found on The Athletic.

The Athletic has become one of the most popular sports websites in the US. In 2022, the company was part of an acquisition by the New York Times. The following year, The Athletic became the paper's official sports department. This podcast continues the site's comprehensive baseball coverage.

One of the most exciting things about The Athletic Baseball Show: A show about MLB is that it is not only one show. The podcast consists of five different shows. Each of these shows has different hosts and appears on a different day of the week.

Hosts on The Athletic Baseball Show: A show about MLB podcast include Jayson Stark and Keith Law. Stark is such a respected baseball writer that Topps issued a real Jayson Stark baseball card in 2017. Stark has also won an Emmy for his contributions to ESPN's Baseball Tonight. Law has an extensive background covering baseball prospects. He was once the special assistant to the Toronto Blue Jays general manager.

Other hosts include Eno Sarris and Derek VanRiper. Sarris is a longtime expert on baseball analytics. VanRiper spent 13 years covering fantasy sports for RotoWire.

The Athletic Baseball Show: A show about MLB has a unique approach to podcasting. Listeners will find a wide variety of content to choose from. Even though all five programs are about baseball, the hosts vary a great deal. Their opinions are not always in lockstep, and they are happy to disagree with one another. This helps to create a feeling of variety and distinction within the podcasts.

Fans looking for solid reporting and commentary may find The Athletic Baseball Show: A show about MLB podcast worthwhile.

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