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Truth and Lies: The Boston Strangler

ABC News

Thirteen victims. An inconclusive investigation. Sixty years later, the story of the Boston Strangler still has a hold on the public imagination. “Truth and Lies: The Boston Strangler” retraces the tragic fate of the victims and explores why a killer’s confession never closed this decades-old case. Last season, “Truth and Lies: The Informant" told the story of an ordinary man who was recruited by the FBI to stop a domestic terror attack. Season 1 covered the rise and fall of the notorious sex offender and financier Jeffrey Epstein and told the stories of women who fought to bring Epstein to justice. read less

Our Editor's Take

Truth and Lies is a popular true crime podcast series. The program comes from ABC News and has featured a variety of scary stories. Listeners who are familiar with the prolific journalism of ABC News know they can expect a quality true crime experience.

In 1962, a heinous crime changed the streets of Boston, Massachusetts forever. Thirteen women died at the hands of the man dubbed "The Boston Strangler." Truth and Lies' third podcast season is an examination of this notorious set of crimes. Initially, the police thought the murders were the work of a man named Albert DeSalvo. However, in recent years, DNA evidence has offered up a new theory about the case.

What did the science uncover about this decades-old crime? The possibility that there was more than one perpetrator is now more likely. While DNA evidence tied DeSalvo to one of the murders, there was no connection to the other crimes. Is another killer still at large after all of these years? How did they manage to evade police detection for so long? These are the fundamental questions that the Truth and Lies podcast explores.

The first season of Truth and Lies profiled the life and death of notorious Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein died under bizarre and mysterious circumstances in 2019 while serving jail time for sex crimes. What really happened here? The second season of Truth and Lies concerns a man whom the FBI asked for help in stopping a terrorist plot. Had the plan been successful, it would have been a mass casualty event. Future seasons should have other compelling true crime stories.

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