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Choice Words with Samantha Bee

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We make a lot of choices, every single day. Some explode, some implode, most we barely remember. Each week on Choice Words, Samantha Bee sits down with people she admires to examine the biggest choices they’ve made in their lives and the ripple effects those decisions have had. What’s a story a journalist took a chance on that changed history? A vote that a politician never should have cast? A song lyric a musician came up with in the shower that made them instantly famous?

Sam’s made a lot of choices, too. She may have to interview herself about starting this podcast.

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Our Editor's Take

Choice Words with Samantha Bee is a podcast about decisions. Each week, host Samantha Bee asks her guests about the biggest choices they've made. Sam has been asking celebrities questions since her time on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and The Daily Show.

Samantha has writer Judy Blume on one episode. In the introduction, Sam talks about how much she's learned from the author's work. She also talks about the negative impacts of book banning. Judy tells Sam she's packing for a trip when the interview begins. The tone is casual, but the discussion is significant. Judy shares that she voted for Kennedy instead of Nixon against her husband's wishes. This is one of many bold choices she discusses with Sam.

In another episode of Choice Words, the host interviews actor Uzo Aduba. The Orange Is the New Black actor explains why she is so discerning about the roles she chooses. This is because Uzo values her time more and wants to make sure her child sees this. At the end of her life, Uzo wants people to celebrate how much she enjoyed her life.

Rosie O'Donnell is the guest on another episode. She tells Samantha about her decision to end her successful talk show so that she could adopt a baby. The conversation goes through many topics. At one point, the women discuss adhesive capsulitis, also called "frozen shoulder." It is a common and limiting condition that people seldom discuss. Rosie mentions that when she suffered from a frozen shoulder, she needed to ask her child to snap her bra. Samantha shares that her child once knocked into her arm at a party store, and she screamed.

Chelsea Handler and Samantha keep it light yet real in another episode. They talk about getting their period while wearing white pants.

There are many other fun and compelling interviews to enjoy. Betty Gilpin, Judd Apatow, and Katie Couric have appeared to discuss their choices in life. Choice Words with Samantha Bee episodes are about 45 minutes on average, with new ones arriving weekly.

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