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CNN 5 Things


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Our Editor's Take

CNN 5 Things is a news podcast. The title sums it up. Produced by CNN, it's the top five news items for the day. Five updates in under five minutes. Each news briefing is factual and to the point. There is no unnecessary information or low-level news stories. This podcast is for those who like to keep updated on the news but only have a little free time in the day. Listeners can expect the main news for the day, and that's it.

This daily news podcast will ensure listeners are the first to know what's happening. New episodes of CNN 5 Things drop throughout the day every weekday. Recent ones talk about the latest war in Ukraine and the Twitter drama with Elon Musk as it unfolds. From climate updates to political developments, if it's in the main news for the day, it's on the agenda. Listeners can find last week's reports for anything they missed. The reports are ideal for anyone who may have unplugged from technology while on a holiday.

CNN 5 Things is from the team behind the CNN One Thing episodes. There are also bumper episodes called "Sunday Edition." These are part of the same podcast series and take a deeper look at some of the latest news items. Topics include China's policy around vaccines. CNN news anchor Audie Cornish interviews two parents on the interesting topic of school board elections. When the power went out for residents in North Carolina, the podcast assessed the state of America's power grid.

Another episode views the country today through the Biden administration. Issues involving former President Donald Trump get an assessment as well. There's also an episode examining the potential crisis in mental health. Another episode discusses childhood anxiety and possible solutions for society. CNN 5 Things is a good way to keep up with the news.

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