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Mind of a Monster: The Butcher Baker


Hosted by criminal psychologist Michelle Ward, Mind of a Monster brings you exclusive access and insight into depraved killers. Hear from history’s most notorious serial killers—with chilling audio straight from the monsters themselves.

Season 6 examines the case of the Butcher Baker, Robert Hansen. 1980s Alaska: a swirling, chaotic mix of oil workers, dancers, sex workers and old-school cops. On the seedy 4th Avenue strip in Anchorage, nicknamed the world's longest bar, women start to go missing, plucked from the street or the bars and never seen again.

In this 7-part series, Dr. Michelle Ward investigates the case of one of the US's most prolific, but not widely known, serial killers. She'll talk to survivors, criminology experts and the police on the ground, uncovering audio tapes, police reports and old newspaper articles, all to reveal the killer's identity as it happened.

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Our Editor's Take

Criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward hosts the true crime podcast Mind of a Monster. Each season focuses on a different serial killer. Season five is Mind of a Monster: Aileen Wuornos. As the series starts, Dr. Ward presents a disclaimer. "This podcast includes descriptions of rape, murder, and other violent acts." The show tells the story through interviews with witnesses, detectives, and others. A talented voice actor evokes Wuornos' own words. Dr. Ward and her team examine the generational and direct trauma that affected Wuornos.

This Mind of a Monster story begins on Leap Day in 1956 when Wuornos was born. Her mother was only 16. Her father, who had untreated schizophrenia, was in prison for child molestation. Days before Wuornos' fourth birthday, her mother brought her and her brother to her grandparents. They were abusive alcoholics. Her mother never returned.

While Wuornos' tragic origins inform her actions, they cannot excuse them. By the middle of the third podcast episode, Wuornos has killed three men. Police say she hid the bodies in remote areas. Then, she drove a victim's car around with her girlfriend, Tyria Moore, as though it were her own. Dr. Ward explains that this is typical for serial killers. When they evade police after many murders, they become emboldened. Dr. Ward interviews a witness named Rhonda, who saw Wuornos and Moore have a terrible car crash. They refused help and drove away bloody in a wrecked car.

At the end of the podcast season, Dr. Ward challenges listeners. She asks them to consider what kind of person Wuornos was. Police reply that she was evil. Dawn, Wuornos' best friend, believes that she is in heaven. She says that she can feel Wuornos looking after her when the sun shines. A niece and nephew of one victim, a missionary, also believe Wuornos is in heaven. They've forgiven her, as they believe their uncle has.

Mind of a Monster: Aileen Wuornos is a challenging but engaging listen. The six episodes run between 35 and 45 minutes each.

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Season 4

S4 Ep.4: House of Horrors
Apr 25 2023
S4 Ep.4: House of Horrors
It’s 1991 and Jeffrey Dahmer's depravity has descended to a new low. Tired of his victims dying so quickly, he attempts to create human zombies. Dr. Michelle Ward investigates as Dahmer’s apartment transforms into a Dantean epicenter of pain, deviance, and torture, as victim after victim find themselves in Dahmer’s clutches. In this episode, we meet Rita Isbell, whose brother Errol’s life was cut short by Jeffrey Dahmer when he met him near a bookstore. We also follow as once again the police have Dahmer within their grasp when another young boy escapes from his apartment. Hosted by criminal psychologist Michelle Ward, the Mind of a Monster true crime podcast brings you exclusive access and insight into some of history’s most notorious serial killers—with chilling audio straight from the monsters themselves. Season 4 of Mind of a Monster examines Jeffrey Dahmer, who from 1978 to 1991 murdered seventeen men and boys, attempted to kill at least two others, and attacked, drugged, and abused countless more. He cannibalized some of his victims, dismembered their bodies and preyed on the vulnerable to become one of the most depraved serial killers in American history. Across six episodes, criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward consults with detectives, journalists, survivors, and witnesses to dive deep into the case of Jeffrey Dahmer. Investigating his crimes, Dr. Ward tracks his trajectory as a killer and exposes the many opportunities that were lost to prevent his reign of terror. Mind of a Monster is an Investigation Discovery podcast. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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