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Cold is a narrative podcast series focused on missing persons cases. Investigative journalist and host Dave Cawley takes on a single story with each season. Season 1 tells of the unsolved disappearance of Susan Powell on Dec. 7, 2009. Season 2 digs into the vanishing of Joyce Yost on Aug. 10, 1985. Cold is a KSL Podcast.

Bonus content, including pictures and case materials on the Cold website.

All episodes of Cold season 1 and 2 can be found on Amazon Music.

Our Editor's Take

Delve into true crime podcast series Cold for an exploration into unsolved cases of missing persons. David Cawley breaks cases wide open to find the lost pieces and bring justice to victims. Cawley—an investigative journalist—spends an entire season on each case ensuring no stone is left unturned. Listeners are privy to evidence that has never before been released to the public: dialogue with witnesses, conversations with family, and friends of the deceased, and exclusive recorded interviews.

Cawley provides the kind of forensic prowess that you might expect from a seasoned private investigator. He delves into areas that could help solve unexplained disappearances. The show offers a critique of how the American legal system can sometimes fail victims of assault and considers what can be done to mitigate these shortcomings.

Although Cawley may not close cases, his informative podcast sheds light and gives hope. Cold helps to honor victims’ memories and encourages people to come forward with new information. This podcast will be a hit with anyone who was a fan of other true crime podcasts, such as Dr. Death, Killer Psyche, and The Dating Game Killer. You can listen to every episode here, on Amazon Music.

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Cold Season 2: Justice for Joyce Yost
Mar 24 2021
Cold Season 2: Justice for Joyce Yost
Introducing Cold season 2: Justice for Joyce Yost.Joyce Yost had never met the man who followed her home on an April night in 1985, who kidnapped and raped her. He threatened to kill her, but she went to police anyway. Then, she vanished. Joyce has never been found. Now, investigative journalist Dave Cawley delves into the decades-old case to uncover the details of a murder-for-hire plot to silence Joyce. Cold reveals flaws in the system that left Joyce unprotected, examines pitfalls of the death penalty and asks if there’s such a thing as justice for Joyce Yost.Cold season 2 will be exclusive to Amazon Music, so prepare by downloading the free Amazon Music app and following Cold there. You can also ask Alexa to play the Cold podcast on your Echo device.Share your thoughts: #JusticeForJoyceYost #ColdPodcast Twitter Instagram FacebookSurvivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault and their allies in the United States can connect with free resources at case materials including photos, videos and a who's who list at credits:Research, writing and hosting: Dave CawleyAudio production: Dave CawleyAudio mixing: Dave CawleyCold main score composition: Michael BahnmillerCold main score mixing: Dan BlanckKSL executive producers: Sheryl Worsley, Keira FarrimondWorkhouse Media executive producers: Paul Anderson, Nick Panella, Andrew GreenwoodAmazon Music team: Morgan Jones, Eliza Mills, Vanessa Rebbert, Shea SimpsonSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at