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The Lowe Post

ESPN, Zach Lowe

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Our Editor's Take

The Lowe Post is a witty, informative podcast on the National Basketball Association. ESPN and NBA columnist Zach Lowe created the podcast together. Fans of The Ringer and Dunc'd On Basketball NBA Podcast will enjoy Lowe's opinions and reports. The journalist and sports writer is among the world's most popular NBA columnists. Since Bill Simmons hired Lowe in 2012 as an NBA analyst, his career has grown. Lowe recreates his well-loved precise, concise reporting style on the podcast.

The variety and information presented on the NBA in this podcast is valuable. It includes reflections on the most improved players and previews of seasons. Detailed focuses on aspects of the game like defensive play are relayed. Analysis of games and news highlights from the current season feature.

Many notable basketball guests join Lowe on the podcast. These include fellow basketball writer Brian Windhorst and ESPN's Bobby Marks. Guests Jeff Van Gundy and Tim MacMahon also come on to analyze play. Fans should also listen out for reports from Tim Bontemps, Jonathan Givony, and Brandon Clarke. NBA experts Marques Johnson and Howard Beck join the show too. The strength of this particular basketball podcast is the constant variety of voices appearing on the show. It always gets expert opinions from top basketball journalists.

Did everyone have the same reaction at the NBA finals? What does Kendra Andrews think of the off-season? Is Adam Mares the only person who remembers the Denver Nuggets? This podcast answers these questions and others that basketball fans will find insightful. The podcast provides a balanced view of all teams for all fans. It's great for anyone from Lakers fans to Clippers fanatics.

New episodes drop every week and are all available now on Amazon Music.

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