Something Was Wrong

Tiffany Reese | Wondery

Something Was Wrong is an Iris Award-winning true-crime docuseries about the discovery, trauma, and recovery from shocking life events and abusive relationships. read less

Our Editor's Take

Sometimes, things in life feel off. In most cases, whatever feels wrong isn't that serious. In others, that feeling of something being not-right changes everything. That second feeling? That's what the Something Was Wrong podcast is all about. It tells the true stories and shocking tales of survivors. Each story tells the tale of someone who made it through wild discoveries they never anticipated. Some episodes uncover the secret lives of loved ones. Others dive into the narrow avoidance of historical tragedies. No matter the story, Something Was Wrong reveals what it's like to survive life-changing trauma.

This award-winning docuseries launches listeners into immersive storytelling. The podcast specializes in asking listeners, "Do we really know anybody the way we think we do?" This series features interviews with survivors that guide each story and give context. Top-notch storytelling from host Tiffany Reese ensures a captivating narrative. Something Was Wrong brings listeners to the front and center of each experience. It doesn't only tell a story; it gets the audience up close and personal with real-life shock and survival.

Each season offers listeners a different experience. Some seasons unfold one story over several episodes. Other seasons employ single-episode formats, telling a new and unique story in each segment. Whichever format listeners prefer, one thing is for sure. With 13 full seasons, they've got a lot of listening to do. And there's nothing wrong with that! Dive into Something Was Wrong now on Amazon Music.

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