Something Was Wrong


Something Was Wrong is an Iris Award-winning true-crime docuseries about the discovery, trauma, and recovery from shocking life discoveries and abusive relationships.
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Something Was Wrong
Dec 17 2018
4 mins
Something Was Wrong1: There Were No Red Flags2: It Was Weird3: Maple & Finn4: Kimmy & Brian5: The Devil is a Good Liar6: My Chest Goes Cold7: We're Done, I'm Running, You're Insane8: There is Much to Confess9: Unencumbered by the Weight of Women10: Real Kimmy & Brian11: This is a Pattern12: Answers = Healing13: Q + A14: We All Dodged a Bullet15: Safety + Coping Strategies for Leaving Abusive RelationshipsSeason Two Trailer1: She Had the Medical Mind2: Strange Ailments3: Wanted to Die Pretty