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Unraveled is hosted by journalist Alexis Linkletter. Each season features a deep dive investigation into a case or issue. Season 1 covers the case of the Long Island Serial Killer.

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Our Editor's Take

Unraveled is a true crime podcast. Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter host the show. Both have a passion for justice. In each season of the show, the hosts investigate one intriguing case or issue. These topics may captivate fans of the genre. The program has talked about everything from serial killers in Long Island, New York to problems with forensic testimony.

Throughout each season's episodes, Unraveled explores mysterious killers' motives and styles. Yet the podcast is sympathetic to victims and makes sure that they don't get forgotten. The hosts also examine how law enforcement agencies are adapting their tactics to find the murderers.

Both Jensen and Linkletter have skills at telling these stories. Jensen uses his background in crime investigation to explain each story. Each podcast episode provides listeners with a close examination of each case. Investigators use profiling to find killers. But that works more with multiple murders than with a single one. Is it possible for someone to kill one person and get away with it? Are authorities in Suffolk County, New York ignoring a serial killer? Did a real estate broker kill his wife, or was it someone else who did the murder? Has bad forensic analysis led to wrongful convictions? And if so, what can authorities do so they render true justice? Unraveled attempts to answer those questions.

Unraveled combines high-quality production values with expert storytelling. The hosts use official records and interviews with people involved with the cases. Jensen and Linketter have dedicated their careers to this mission. The two seasoned hosts have a way of drawing in the listener. They want to get justice for some of America's most notorious crimes.

Fans of Unraveled may also enjoy The First Degree. That's another true crime podcast that Jensen and Linkletter cohost together.

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