Episode 14 Republic: Part II Desire and Justice in Athenian Democracy

The Global Novel: a literature podcast

Jan 31 2022 • 25 mins

In this episode, we will focus on how the concept of justice is further expounded by the Platonian Socrates from Book II to V. If Book I covers a few definitions of justice, Book II-V can be summarized as Plato's highlight on a set of key properties of justice. A key property of justice is the moderation of our desires in the soul. Plato categorizes our desires into two: one is primal, governed by appetite and sex, the other spiritual and rational, governed by our need to win honor and pursue wisdom. This constitutes the main idea of Plato's famous theory on the tripartite soul.

Recommended Readings (paid links):
Hans Beck, Ed.A Companion to Ancient Greek Government (2013)
Book II-V, Plato's Republic

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