How to Think Big and Move Fast - CEO of CSAA Insurance Group, Tom Troy

The CEO Sessions

Jun 22 2021 • 44 mins

Tom Troy is President and CEO of CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer. He is a 30-year veteran of the insurance industry and served as an executive with Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and Safeco. With more than 100 years of experience serving AAA members, CSAA Insurance Group offers automobile, homeowners and other personal lines of insurance to AAA members through AAA clubs. Tom Troy is a board member of the American Property Casualty Insurance Association and the Bay Area Council. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and his MBA from Seattle University. Tom’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-troy-b1153073/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-troy-b1153073/ ) CSAA Website: https://csaa-insurance.aaa.com/content/aaa-ie/b2c/en/homepage.html/ (https://csaa-insurance.aaa.com/content/aaa-ie/b2c/en/homepage.html/ ) WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER FROM THIS EPISODE: What Tom learned picking cherries as a kid. What others need to know about the CSAA Insurance Group. Why it’s so important for leaders to share the positive story of the Insurance industry. The career opportunities in the insurance industry go far beyond just sales and claims. The “tower” vs “pyramid” philosophy on building career success. Strategies for work-life balance. The advice he’d give his younger self. The one trait he’d like to instill in every employee… thinking big and moving fast. How to avoid becoming a victim of your own success. Why you must consider exporting talent instead of coveting talent. How a twist in his career led to his personal growth. Three success strategies for every employee. HIGHLIGHTS: Advice Tom would give to his younger self: Be less hard on yourself. Balance things differently. Traits Tom would instill in his employees: Thinking big. Moving fast. QUOTES: “The Insurance Story doesn’t get told very well.” “I embraced the opportunity to do more as long as it helped me grow.” “If you do good work, you’re going to have more opportunities.” “Building a strong and broad base of skills is important to your longevity in any career.” “Don’t covet talent; be prepared to export it.” “Think big, move fast.” ------------------- https://www.benfanning.com/the-ceo-sessions/ (Apply to be on the show) ------------------- https://www.benfanning.com/the-ceo-sessions/ (Connect with Ben:) https://www.linkedin.com/in/benfanning/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/benfanning/) https://www.instagram.com/benfanning1/ (https://www.instagram.com/benfanning1/) https://twitter.com/BenFanning1 (https://twitter.com/BenFanning1)