Out of juice; peak profits and EV/ICE gaps reversing for EU autos

BofA Global Research Podcasts

May 25 2022 • 16 mins

It’s been a good ride for auto profitability, but as with many things, there’s a normalization coming

Inflated vehicle prices have inflated auto profits too but Horst Schneider, Head of European Automotive Research, believes the days of outsized profits for automakers are numbered as supply and pricing both normalize. And chips may be scarce now, but slowing demand for electronics could mean that supply of chips for the auto industry improves sooner than some think. The shift to EVs and further penetration gains are undeniable, but Horst discusses some recent developments that could slow those gains somewhat. He also discusses some key competitive considerations for EV makers and new battery technologies that could solve cost issues further out. You may also enjoy listening to the Merrill Perspectives podcast, featuring conversations on the big stories, news and trends affecting your everyday financial life

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