The Bam, and Temperance Lancecouncil Are On Air

The Fierce Female Network

Jun 15 2022 • 19 mins

She’s described as a nitty-gritty, country-soul singer because her style is pure country, but she pours her “red dirt” soul into every song. At an early age she believed the red dirt that she played in was clay; and that’s right about the time her mother began teaching her three-part harmony. Like many children, she sang in the youth choir at church and in her high school’s concert choir. Years later, and now in California, she organized and fronted her own band in the nineties and like many bands – the rough spots were too many to overcome. Although currently optimistic about her life and music, her formative years got off to a rough start. She overcame two bouts of life-threatening, double pneumonia as an infant, and was then hit by a near-fatal case of scarlet fever as a second-grader. Not letting any of that derail her, the ex-cheerleader, homecoming queen and pageant girl, kept her eye on the prize, and has since released several singles. "My Restraining Order (Won't Do)," is about one more of her true-life, rough spots.