Is Levin really on our side

The Quash

Aug 26 2021 • 29 mins

In this Bonus episode I start a series where I examine what const/conservatives push in the media by taking audio clips and breaking them down. I show people that even though they get a lot of stuff right they get a LOT of stuff wrong and they leave out everything that matters. THAT is why we never make progress. Their solution of voting under the constitution will never work. IMAGINE how much progress we'd make if everyone could hear MY SHOW. If you like The Quash and want to support my efforts and want MORE QUASH and access to a live show I do and much more, then become a member. Go to patreon.com/theQuash and sign up. The Quash comes out on Sundays with a bonus sometimes Thursdays. My plan is every other week for this new series if it is supported. You can follow me on Twitter I'm Legalman@USlawreview You can read my articles at my blog thetruthaboutthelaw.com