How to Empower Children with Friendship Skills with URStrong

The Simply Kids Wellness Podcast

May 24 2021 • 28 mins

In this amazing and enlightening episode, we chat with Dana Kerford from URStrong about empowering the social-emotional wellbeing of children through friendship skills. Dana is the founder of URStrong and shares with us her passion for empowering children with the skills to develop healthy relationships.

Dana created the URStrong framework for children, schools, and parents that teach relationship skills and strategies to navigate friendship fires and problem solve friendship issues.

Friendship skills can provide the language, strategies, and support to enhance learning and children's wellbeing. Healthy relationships are the foundation of our children's wellbeing. Whole school friendship strategies can empower the school community to build good relationships in the school community.

Listen to Dana's inspiration for creating the URStrong programs and how URStrong schools teach children from a young age to build friendships on the qualities of trust and respect.

Find out more at www.urstrong.com