1Intro2Hardcore Lives  3The Balance4Doc Marten Stomp5DNA6True School7The Here and Now 8Nothing To Me9My Armor10Beacon Of Light11Born Strong12Spirit13Mi Palabra14NBNC15The Beast16For The Judged 17Spit On Your Grave (2014) (Bonus)18Murphy's Law19California Pipeline20Sit Home and Rot21Fun22Beer23Wahoo Day24Crucial Bar-B-Q25A Day in the Life26Care Bear27Ilsa28Skinhead Rebel29I Got a Right30Sit Home and Rot (Bonus)31Up in Arms32Fire33Manic34Kill the Beast35Prayer36Siva / Rudra37Soldiers of the New Babylon38Kali39Slow Kill Genocide40Slipping into Darkness41Life as One42You'll Be the Death of Me43Bury You44Wooden Girl45Rain46Empty47Hata48Tuzak49Mirror50King51Sevmiyor52I Wanna See Your Blood53Enough of This Shit54No Light55Never Ending Winter56It's All Downhill from Here57Fear and Self-Loathing58The Hour for Bloodshed59Kill Yourself with Alcohol60Gut Hater Dig61Manifesta (Remastered Version)62Birthright (Remastered Version)63The Party (Remastered Version)64Liar (Remastered Version)65Make America Awful Again (Remastered Version)66Pay Attention (Remastered Version)67Just to feel Alive/Pig or Priest (Bonus Track) the State (Alternative version)69Fragile70Major Minor71Evo District7233 Stand Alone73Nocturnal Nudism74Monotype Stereotype75Downtown Boulevard7633 Stand Alone (variation)77Common Faces78Hornet79Sexy Character In My Life Show80Rise of the Skum81Diazepam82Stay Home and Fuck8324x484Don't Worry/Maggots85Front Me a Quarter86Coexist87People You May Know88Why Even Have Friends89Leg Rub Steve90Driven by Distraction91Skum City92Hungry And Dirty93Say Goodbye94Don't Worry Bout Nothin95Drunk Cheap Slut96Sex And Sin97Staten Island98Storitos99Some Abuse100Violence101Failure102Love You103Bones-A-Rama104Monkey of the Day105Morning Would106Demons107Hungry and Dirty108Corner Clergy109Twitchy's Quick Turnaround110Vacation111Skum City112New York City Asshole113Stress Dreams114Brand New Day115Supercunt116Bad Warden117Maggots118Bjdfmb-Don't Forget My Balls!119La gachette120Le maniaque au barbecue121Désert122Musique de cirque123Cesse d’imaginer124Quand il fait chaud125Saoul est tout contrôle126Breaker127Futuro128Guilty Conscience (1st Demo 1979)129Casualty (1st Demo 1979)130Know You (1st Demo 1979)131Metal Walls (1st Demo 1979)132Defective Breakdown (Live The Pound Bar 1980 Belfast)133We Don't Care (Live The Pound Bar 1980 Belfast)134Survival (Live The Pound Bar 1980 Belfast)135Bitch (Live The Pound Bar 1980 Belfast)136Casualty (Live The Pound Bar 1980 Belfast)137Dance (Live The Pound Bar 1980 Belfast)138Know You (Live The Pound Bar 1980 Belfast)139Conscription / Abuse140Head on Collision141Metal Walls