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The High End

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Top shelf vibes for discerning listeners. Cover: Orion Sun


1Lucid Girl2Mary Jane3Soh-Soh4Far Away5Freak (Extended Mix)6YBIL (You Believe in Love)7NEGLIGENT (Remix)8Lithonia9The Message (Majid Jordan Remix)10Midnight11Dirty12Take It Slow13Think Different14Done With You15PURE AMERICANA16Everytime17Crash18Gold Coast19Dream Girl20ROCKET21sweeeet22MAJO23HOT OUTSIDE (feat. Anycia)24Sweet Like25Petra26Run It Back27WalkOnBy (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Rae Khalil)28Something About Ur Luv29Can You?30God Gave Me Feet For Dancing (feat. Yazmin Lacey)31What It Cost32Baddest In The Room33Moonlight34First Time35Never Be Yours36Motorcycle37Hollywood (Acoustic) (Amazon Music Original)38Celebrate (Reimagined) [Amazon Music Original]39Cinnamon Curls40Space & Time41DEVIL IS A LIE42Who Did You Touch?43Genesis.44Brown Eyed Baby45All Yours46Burning47Already Gone48Alright49Next 2 U50Grey Scale51SHE'S A BORE52fall back53So You Know54Coldstar.55Is it a Crime?56Witchy57BIRDS OF A FEATHER58Someday59Last Heartbreak Song60Adore U61F**k The Rap Game62cut!63Nomad64us. [feat. Taylor Swift]65Time66PYP67WHAT MY BRAIN SOUNDS LIKE68OOTW69Boy who cried art70Metamorphosis71mother, i'm sorry72Soft73LEMON TREES74Things You Didn’t Know75Cactus Water76Lose My Focus77Fade78Falling or flying (Reimagined)79Double Tragedy80Sweetness [feat. Leon Thomas]81Make Me Forget82CHIHIRO83Forever Wouldn’t Be Enough84dangerous game85Baby Boy86We Turn Up 2 SZA87Coney Island88DJ Got Me (Single)89FLORIDA BABY90Chasing91I Need It (feat. Syd & Tank)92Stardust93Burn94act viii: i hate to be alone95Dogfish96I Guess97Lonely Millionaire98CALYPSO99F o r  C e r t a i n100II HANDS II HEAVEN