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First Take

ESPN, Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim Rose

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Our Editor's Take

The First Take podcast is a great way to discover what's new in the world of sports. It's a fast-paced show with arguments on all sports, from the NFL to the NBA. Stephen A. Smith is the main host of this engaging show. He's also a radio host for ESPN Radio and the author of Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes, a New York Times bestselling memoir. Smith has both extensive sports knowledge and insider information. This is the audio podcast version of his daily two-hour ESPN TV show. Each episode contains an hour of the program.

Molly Qerim cohosts First Take with Smith. She moderates discussions between Smith and different guests each day. Dan Orlovsky, Keyshawn Johnson, and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo are a few of the show's regulars. Some of these voices are former pro athletes. Others are sports journalists. They all bring their expertise, insight, and opinions to the podcast. Listeners should expect controversial conversations throughout the series. Smith and his guests sometimes get heated when arguing the day's issues. But it's what makes this podcast an entertaining show.

The content of the First Take podcast is different each day, depending on what's going on in the sports world. When it's time for the Super Bowl, this show will have opinionated arguments about what team they think will win. After the game, Smith and his guests debate what moments were most worthy of celebration or scorn. In later episodes, they will argue about which teams will make the Super Bowl the following season.

When First Take talk turns to the NBA, guests like former player Kendrick Perkins join the podcast. In the episode “LeBounce Back,” the conversation gets tense. Smith calls out the big three players from the Brooklyn Nets as the most prominent failures ever in the NBA. Opinions and statements like this are what make this podcast so compelling. Fans can hear debates like this each day on this rollicking podcast.

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