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Covering all the narrative from the Premier League – the world’s greatest sporting telenovela – and everywhere the love of the beautiful game burns bright. Football. Passion. Empathy. Courage. New Podcasts Daily.

Monday: Men In Blazers Podcast

Tuesday: European Nights with Rory Smith, Presented by Paramount+

Wednesday: Do It Live!

Thursday: VAMOS with Herculez Gomez, Presented by Bud Light

Friday: WGFOP - Weekend Preview

And listen to Men in Blazers Early Kickoff - our daily football news Podcast - every Monday through Friday at 6 a.m. ET. It is available here:

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Our Editor's Take

The Men In Blazers podcast might be the biggest podcast about soccer in North America. Main topics include the Premier League, Champions League, and US National Teams. If it involves professional soccer, it's on the show. Soccer fans of all ages may enjoy this program, but GenXers may get more of the jokes.

Hosts Roger Bennett and Michael Davies are the Men In Blazers. The name comes from them admiring American sports broadcasters wearing colorful blazers. Bennett is a soccer broadcaster and journalist. Davies is a television producer. The two met at a wedding and bonded over soccer. Both are British men coming of age in the 1980s who fell in love with everything American. They each moved to the US for good in the 1990s. But they hated to miss seeing the 2006 World Cup Final because of this wedding. This formed a friendship.

Rog and Davo, as they call each other, then started this podcast. Men In Blazers offers live sporting events coverage and soccer commentary. During live shows, listeners often get an instant reaction from Bennett and Davies. There are also question-and-answer style episodes. In those, the hosts answer questions from "Great Friends of the Pod." GFOP is what they call their fans.

Live coverage episodes also feature special guests like Rory Smith and Herc Gomez. Rory Smith is the Chief Soccer Correspondent for The New York Times. Herc Gomez is a former American soccer player. He's now a soccer analyst for ESPN.

Much of the conversation on Men In Blazers is about England's Premier League. Bennett is an Everton fan. Davies roots for Chelsea. And they have many Premier League players on the show. But the hosts also do a lot about women's soccer as well.

Bennett and Davies do a lot more than this podcast. They have since co-authored books together about the sport. They also host the Men In Blazers TV show on Peacock. GFOP may also like the periodic miniseries podcasts the two produce. Those include World Corrupt and Tyler Adams: Road to the Cup. Soccer fans may find much to like here.

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