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Bedroom Pop

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It's a vibe! ⭐️ Hand-picked D.I.Y. gems to get you lo-fi dreaming. Cover: Luna Li.


1Confusion Song2I Love To Dance3Let's Stay Together4My Friend5Changing Faces6All Your Life7problems (feat. Trippie Redd)8Dream police9Hot in NY10american spirit11Too Much Of A Good Thing12ADVERTISEMENTS13it's not feeling good anymore14Someone Else15No One Noticed16Everything You've Always Wanted17Old With You18I Take It Back19Don't Make Me Go Wrong20frog21It Wasn't Love22Dreams23Toro24venus fly trap25She Loves Me26Turtleneck Sweater27back from the dead28Flem29Happy Pills30as long as i'm here31Hang On32poster boy33Beige34Day Drinking35complex (demo)36Airplane37Once More38fuck it let's go bowling39Dirty Magazine40Lucky41Orlando42Carpenter43Alewife44It’s Not About You45Morning Sun46strawberry fields forever47Glue Song (feat. Clairo)48Vexed49The Holiday50Up To Something51Figure You Out52Leap Of Faith53pink54October Passed Me By55Blue Eyed Boy56J157Heather Grey58My Simple Jeep59Read Mine60fingers through my hair61Milk & Honey62Fin Del Mundo63Vitamins64nice pup65Come Along66Loneliness67lush68BOYS69Girl70Ghost World71Seasons Change72Look at it in the Light73Over U7420200817 Proud True Toyota75best day ever76everything77where u are78Pope Is a Rockstar79Really, Really80I Met God Online81Hell N Back82Radio Man83Picking Up84Heart To Heart85Tomorrow86199487I Cry While You Sleep88Prom Night89Be Mine90Sappho91Fragrance92girls93flounder94Theworstthing95Sign96Tears '0697won't you take me far?98Caldwell's Way99Dream House100Golden Rope