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Bedroom Pop

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It's a vibe! Hand-picked D.I.Y. gems to get you lo-fi dreaming. Cover: girl in red.


1girls2See you Soon3cant celebrate4Paper Mache World5Fragrance6facetime after sex7Why Am I Like This?8Wildfire9Shine On10Fuck Love11SUGAR RUSH12Déjà Vu13Sappho14I Would Be Rich15KEEP IT UP16Pressure Point17Over U18My Own Person192 LATE20Moonlight21the dealer22Theworstthing23In My Mind24mona lisa25Will We Ever Get This Right26Bicycle27Dipshit28pink29Tears '0630AMAZING31Trying Not To Cry32Satellite Baby33Brand New34my boy35nice pup36Weekend Run37Little Victories38Terrace (feat. Boy Pablo)39we fell in love in october40Who Am I But Someone41Coffee & Cigarettes42I Met God Online43Smithereens44Seeds45crying on vacation46as long as i'm here47Can’t Be Yours Forever48Questions49Sign50Alewife51photograph52have fun at ur party (but don't)53chem bath54where u are55Look at it in the Light56Radio Man57Doesn't Matter58Pool59Bound60Overslept (feat. mei ehara)61Wishful Thinking62best day ever63all i ever wanted (was you)64Really, Really65It's Random66Daydream67Prom Night68won't you take me far?69Midnight on a Sunny Day70Something About You71diditagain72Tommy73What You're Thinking74Beach Boy75My Friend76Sharks77real people78Broken79Turtleneck Sweater80Kind of Sick of Life81Pretend82Loretta83poor sport84Get Down85My Kind of Woman86Same Light87Wisdom Tooth88Come Along89squares90Coward91Still Got Time92house93obsessed94J195Back3School96Boys Will Be Bugs97lush98POP.JPG99Pope Is a Rockstar