How to Live Life in Curiosity with Marc and Claudine

Breakthrough the Ordinary

Jul 4 2022 • 24 mins

Curiosity is what lies on the other side of the wall that separates us from our dreams. It pushes us to tread uncertain waters, sail against hostile winds, and ride the waves. It is the strong desire to discover and conquer without reservations and judgment. It keeps us from settling for mediocrity and seizing the infinite possibilities. Curiosity fuels our passion and saves us from stagnation.

Truth be told, we often have a passive attitude towards living in curiosity. But if we have the slightest interest to break through the ordinary life, we must find answers to these questions:

  • What exactly is curiosity?
  • What could we possibly gain if we lived in curiosity?
  • Are we losing out living without it?

Join Marc and Claudine as they amplify a topic that's rarely discussed but given a chance would get us an inch closer to discovering opportunities that are just lurking around the corner - conversations with new acquaintances, trying something new, a wider network on the little hobbies, making dreams reality, a whole new universe of thoughts that just sit quietly inside our brains, an entirely different way to showcase our other sides, and so much more.

And if you feel like it, join the "curious" conversation on our socials and tell us what peaks your curiosity.

Tune in to another impactful episode of Breakthrough The Ordinary podcast.

S1 E46 | How to Live Life in Curiosity with Marc and Claudine

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These are the highlights you wouldn’t want to miss:

02:49 - The questions that show our natural curiosity about our existence

03:30 - Curiosity as the doorway to discovering ourselves

04:24 - Embracing curiosity with the willingness to live in uncertainty

07:04 - The openness to trying what opens us up to possibilities

08:13 -  How relationships look like without the curiosity element

11:39 -  Curiosity as a coping mechanism

13:17 -  You’ll never know what you don’t like unless you’ve tried it

14:39 - How much we grow depends on the space we allow ourselves to expand

17:07 - Initiating and sparking the curiosity for new things in a relationship

19:52 - The risk in trying and not trying.

21:01 - Dropping the self-limitations and accepting the invitation to curiosity

About the Hosts:

Claudine Chiarmonte PCC, LCSW

Claudine is a gifted psychotherapist, coach, speaker, and podcaster with over 27 years of experience in transforming the lives of individuals, families, and clients in Fortune 500 companies.

Six years ago, Claudine experienced a near-fatal car accident that awakened her to her purpose. She left her senior executive position, sold her home, and moved out of state. She ended a relationship that did not share a mutual vision and set herself on a mission.

With her innate gifts of compassion, humor, and wisdom, Claudine’s clients feel safe to open up to being vulnerable and receptive to healing trauma and attachment insecurities so they can live extraordinary lives. She advocates mind-body connection and facilitates healing towards a path of wholeness.

As a catalyst to transformation, Claudine develops secure relationships, a confident presence, and a transformative mindset.

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Marc Anthony Chiaramonte

Marc is a sought-after international coach, facilitator for Transforming Cellular Memory, Tantric Practitioner, and an entrepreneur who guides individuals, groups, and couples in achieving intimacy, alignment, and confidence. He is also an entrepreneur and co-host of the podcast, Breakthrough the Ordinary.

Marc expresses his unique gifts by creating safe spaces for healing and transformation, utilizing curiosity, and adventure to fuel his vision of healing the world.

As a child living in a chaotic, unsafe environment, Marc buried his sensitivity which led to disconnection, shame, objectification of women, and a denial of his authentic truth. His relationships reflected the lack of deep intimate love, choosing unaligned partners, and hiding his deep insecurities.

His journey to wholeness started with heartbreak. Psychotherapy helped him uncover and heal the deep wounds of his childhood. He has participated, trained, and been certified in various modalities such as Psychodrama (group dynamics), Deep Cellular transformation, Tantra (sacred sexuality), Inner child and shadow work, Breathwork, Leadership Development, and Integration.

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About the podcast:

Are you ready to commit to your future self---if you are, Marc Chiaramonte, a creative entrepreneur, coach, and adventure seeker, and Claudine Chiarmonte, psychotherapist, coach & joy creator, are ready to take you on a journey of and self-discovery to unlock your highest potential! Join Breakthrough the Ordinary to reveal what awaits you on your next quest of exploration, bringing practical strategies, tools, and secret fairy dust that our guests, coaches, healers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, will be sharing with you! New episodes drop every MONDAY!