Managing high utilizers

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Mar 1 2021 • 11 mins

Patients who are high utilizers, also known as multi-visit patients (MVPs) or frequent flyers, whether found in the ED, inpatient units or other departments, drive up readmission rates and tie up resources. Often, clinicians and administrators hold out little hope that they can end the multi-visit cycles of these patients. Yet, by looking at a patient’s multiple visits as a symptom of a deeper problem, and then identifying and rectifying that underlying problem, clinicians can end a patient’s cycle of care utilization.

On this podcast, a leading expert in high-utilizer care discusses her MVP Method, used successfully in a recent Vizient performance improvement collaborative. The general principles and actions of the MVP Method can revolutionize care, break the cycle of utilization and change the life of your patients.

Guest speaker:

Amy Boutwell, MD, MPP


Collaborative Healthcare Strategies


Heather Forst-Ramirez, MS

Performance Improvement Program Director


Show Notes:

[00:35] Looking at the high utilizers

[01:17] Conventional approach: nothing can be done

[01:34] High utilizers account for 50 percent of readmissions

[02:12] Defining patients who are high utilizers

[02:56] How the Vizient PI Collaborative tackled the challenge

[03:29] Details and strategies in the MVP Method

[06:12] Addressing the challenges and the drivers of utilization

[07:52] One patient’s story: a life transformed


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