Tips from a Tutor- An Interview with Jennifer Donaldson

FASD Informed

Aug 25 2020 • 59 mins

"Tips from a Tutor"

Welcome to the 12th episode of "FASD Informed", sponsored and produced by the North Carolina nonprofit organization, NCFASD Informed. This episode is titled "Tips from a Tutor- An Interview with Jennifer Donaldson". Podcast host, Natalie Vecchione, interviews Jennifer Donaldson, owner of the private, tutoring business, Tailor Joy Tutoring.

Jennifer is a teacher, tutor, curriculum writer and the mom of two grown children.  Jennifer has taught in both Virginia and North Carolina.  Her favorite part of teaching and tutoring is when she can "see the light come on" for students as they grin with confidence, and her favorite students are the ones that she has to try hardest to find that "light switch".

Topics covered in this episode include:

-  Jennifer's experience learning about FASD and working with students with FASD and other brain-based diagnoses.

-  How brain-based symptoms may look like "behaviors" and why it is SO important for parents, teachers and administrators to understand that MAKING ACCOMMODATIONS will better address these symptoms.

-  Which teaching / tutoring strategies are most helpful in working with students with FASD and other brain-based diagnoses?

-  Identifying "out of the box" strategies and "real life" learning experiences that parents, teachers and tutors can use to reinforce learning.

-Tips for parents, particularly during these changing times, who are schooling at home or parent-led homeschooling.


Jennifer Donaldson, Owner of Tailor Joy Tutoring



Podcast Host- Natalie Vecchione

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