E32 - MTV and Libraries w. Frankie

Wormhole Manifest

Sep 1 2023 • 1 hr 31 mins

Welcome to the Wormhole Manifest Podcast: A show about many things with a focus on Mental Health.

This week we welcome back our friend Frankie to discuss content creation and the challenges it can bring.

I attempt to break back into a better interview style approach once again to find out more about Frankie with the occasional sidetrack rambling. We discuss content creation, AI, substance use, drinking, elephants in the room, and a bit about the last episode I did where I got drunk.

I ask here to share info about her 3 year anniversary for making content over on YouTube and what motivates her, lessons learned, and overall why she does it. Did I mention Mental Health? No? We she does and that aligns perfect with the theme of this show.

So please listen and enjoy!

Special Guest: Frankie

Twitter: @JustCallMeFrank

Instagram: the_real_just_call_me_frank

Find Frankie's content below: Be sure to like and subscribe to her YouTube Channel for all kinds of cool projects and content!



Also be sure to check out Frankie's Favs and Recommended media and content creators on the site above or at this direct LINK! Especially check out those mentioned in this episode of the podcast.

Shout out to my wife Rachel as always for her support!

Disclaimer: We at the Wormhole Manifest podcast are advocates for Harm Reduction and safe practices if using any substance be it drugs or alcohol. We want everyone to be safe and we do not promote the use of illegal substances in any way shape or form. We merely aim to educate and prevent harm in any way that we can. Safety is Paramount so please research and be safe out there!

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