Are you tired of the Daily Struggle ? Discover the 3 P's help

The Sky’s the Limit

Jul 13 2016 • 53 mins

My featured guest is Mai Vu, Dating Coach, Author, International Speaker. Mai talks about her life awakening knowing the pressures woman have in today's world. Mai left a successful career in corporate America following her inner guide, felt the fear around this and preserved to become the coach, speaker, and author assisting others to discover their purpose. We discuss her new book The DIVORCED MOM's GUIDE to Dating. In this book she answers the big question that tired, overwhelmed single moms have Why do I work so hard, but I am not getting the love, success, and support that I want?. She introduces readers to the 3P's concept, and your journey back to yourself and your birthright. Mai then expands you into your freedom and power. The book is a blueprint to create a new and improved love life, as well as a better home, and business.