The Sky’s the Limit

Karen Leavitt

The Sky’s the Limit is a motivating, inspirational program which is based on my journey from medical professional to patient, highlighting people from all walks of life and various stages of overcoming adversity, their challenges and awakening to the rediscovery of themselves, a transformation. I engage with a number of successful life coaches, authors, athletes and everyday people who discuss their journey and process as well as exploring the concepts of Eastern and Western medicine. We are all learning life’s lessons every day and living in the moment, no matter where we are in our journey.
Encore:  I Think I Can -  Discover The Power of 'I AM'Encore: Ride to RecoveryAre you tired of the Daily Struggle ? Discover the 3 P's helpEncore: The Dark Night of the SoulEncore: A Marine's Mission Grounded in LoveEncore: Some Say He's LuckyEncore: Firewalk- Life Lessons based on Courage and LoveIgnite Your LIfeWhere There's Trouble There's HopeDrumming- The Rhythm of Your LIfeCrazy Can Be Joyful: A Mom's Journey of Self ExporationStep Up and Into the Game of LIfeEmbracing Your Positive Self WorthFollow Your Hearts CallingFollow Your Dream Never Give Up - Inspiration after ConcussionLaughter in Life is the Best Medicine - with Comedian Josh BlueDiscover the Essence of LIfeFinding Your BlissThe Power of DiscoveryChanging Your Perspective