Visualizing the Unseen: Dr. Suresh Mukherji on Passion, Progress, and Pitfalls in Head & Neck Imaging

The Radiology Report Podcast

Mar 13 2024 • 40 mins

In this episode, Daniel Arnold sits down with Dr. Suresh Mukherji. Dr. Mukherji currently holds academic appointments at numerous institutions, such as the University of Louisville and University of Illinois, and serves as a National Director of Head & Neck Radiology at Proscan Imaging. Dr. Mukherji is a devoted educator and is the Consulting Editor for both Neuroimaging Clinics and Magnetic Resonance Clinics of North America and Associate Editor for the Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography. Dr. Mukherji is also the Head & Neck Advisor for Medality.

The conversation covers Dr. Mukherji's unexpected entry into radiology, discussing his initial fascination with the field and the factors that led him to pursue a career in radiology. His passion for teaching and dedication to Head and Neck Imaging. We discuss the changes in technology over the years and how they have impacted the detection of pathology and enhanced the field of radiology. Diagnostic errors in Healthcare are also discussed, with a specific focus on the impact of diagnostic errors in head and neck radiology.

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