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The Big Body Image Episode
Jun 13 2022
The Big Body Image Episode
TW: This episode includes references to eating disorders and sexual assault. It's a conversation we have as women on the WEEKLY. I don't like this bit. I wish I could change that bit. How we feel about our bodies is a full-figured topic. Sure, shaking up your fitness regime can help, but it’s really only a Bandaid. What is really behind the need to change your appearance? Both Katie and Amy have learnt a LOT about body love over the years. Eating disorders. Surgery. Pregnancies. We’ve been there! So, gather your hang-ups. Get ready to go skin deeper. This is our BODY IMAGE episode. What we cover: - What’s really behind your body hang-ups? - The link between loneliness and body issues. - Katie’s explant surgery. - Amy’s Eating Disorder recovery. - Why you don’t have to love your body EVERY DAMN DAY.  P.S. If you have an emotional hurdle, you’d love Amy and Katie to offer some guidance on DM @sassandsomething and #shareyoursomething. Write with Amy www.amymolloy.com.au Connect with Katie www.katieford.com.au  DISCLAIMER: This podcast is not designed to address intense or complicated trauma, or to replace therapeutic support from a specialised practitioner. We do not condone or recommend any dietary strategies discussed in this episode. If you, or anyone you know, are impacted by an eating disorder or negative body image, please speak to your doctor or reach out to The Butterfly Foundation:   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.