It Is Time To Bring Joy Back

Heal Past Wounds and Bring Joy Back

Jan 10 2019 • 52 mins

Welcome to the first episode of Heal Past Wounds And Bring Joy Back. Have you wondered why you feel stuck in your relationships or career? Are you going through the motions? Do you feel tired and frustrated that you are not where you thought you’d be in life? Maybe you’re seeking solutions, answers and insights in books, meditations and workshops. It’s not that they’re not helpful, you feel like something is missing and you’re not exactly sure what that is. In this episode Andrea sets the foundation for a 13-week series of empowerment for women. She will shine light on what keeps you stuck in your life. After years of unhappiness and trying really hard to fit in, Andrea shares her journey of retracing her successful past-life as a Priestess and how everything came together for her. It confirmed that you have the ability to change your circumstance(s). Your past does not define you. What you do today creates a better future—one where you can enjoy life. Get ready to bring joy back!

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