Creative Living with Jamie Ridler

Heal Past Wounds and Bring Joy Back

Feb 7 2019 • 56 mins

Have you wondered if there is more to life, than keeping a busy schedule, zoning out in front of the television, having a routine and doing what’s perceived as “normal”? Well you are right, there is more to life! But your EGO will keep you chasing, rushing for the next thing and never stopping to breathe and ask yourself: What do I want? What do I really want? What would make me happy? Your soul yearns to expand and grow and when you follow your soul’s calling, you allow the unfolding of a life that is more fulfilling and purposeful. In this episode, join Andrea as she talks to Jamie Ridler about creative living, journaling and dealing with the inner critic. Jamie is enthusiastic and deeply committed to helping others find the courage and confidence to follow their dreams. Get ready to see that your life is your studio and you are an artist.

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