inspiration Heather S Russell and Artist Christan Seidle

Stories of Hope and Inspiration from Twist Out Cancer's Brushes With Cancer Program

Mar 23 2022 • 15 mins

Artist Christan Seidle and her inspiration Heather Russell both live in the Austin area.  They were able to get together in person as Heather shared details on her journey with cancer with Christan.  In this episode, Christan offers an artist's perspective on her experience - how participating in the Brushes With Cancer program differed from other commissions she worked on.  Heather was so inspired by her experience that she is taking on more personal art projects herself!

In this episode, Christan and Heather talk about building a relationship, telling Heather’s story through art, and what they will continue to carry with them from their experience.

”Heart of Gold” represents Heather Russell's journey with cancer, starting with her heart.  See it here.

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