The Liver, The Brain, and The Gut: Nurse Doza's Holistic Health Revolution

The Art of Living Proactively (Harnessing the Power of Your Choices)

Sep 23 2023 • 47 mins

Get ready to optimize your health and prevent disease with brilliant nurse practitioner and chiropractor Dr Jonathan Mendoza, aka Nurse Doza! In this power-packed episode, Jonathan blows the lid off the epidemic of fatty liver disease and how improving your liver function could be the key to averting diabetes, dementia, and much more. You’ll learn surprising stats about just how common yet overlooked these preventable conditions are, and get science-backed, yet simple advice for enhancing your energy, focus and overall wellbeing through incremental nutrition, lifestyle and mindset shifts. Jonathan shares his own journey to optimal health after overcoming back pain at a young age, and why community support is essential to facilitate true behavior change. Tune in to gain tons of practical wisdom and inspiration from this dynamic healer’s functional medicine approach to addressing the root causes of illness, rather than just treating symptoms. This info could truly save your life!

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01:58 Why are you called nurse Doza?
02:55 Why did you get into the world of health & wellness?
05:17 You're also trained in Functional Medicine?
06:14 Do you specialise in anything?
07:42 What has surprised you?
08:19 Everyone has a fatty liver?
10:48 Why is fatty liver worse now?
13:29 You said people don't want to hear this, can you expand on that?
14:47 The China Study
16:49 That is seen as normal
21:17 Going against the social landscape
24:27 How can people track their biomarkers?
32:13 You're not deficient in caffeine, you're deficient in energy!
33:58 Optimal vs recommended
38:20 Which blood tests should I get for me?
44:01 Recommended book
44:41 How to get in touch with nurse Doza
45:13 Discount code
45:51 Fave quotation
46:39 Next weeks episode

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Embark on an enlightening journey to discover the essence of proactive living in my podcast, "The Art of Living Proactively: Harnessing the Power of Your Choices".

Your guide is none other than Tony Winyard, a multifaceted professional committed to the cause of health and wellness. He's a qualified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Oxygen Advantage Instructor, HeartMath Certified Coach, nutrition coach accredited by Precision Nutrition, a Laughter Yoga Instructor and a Tiny Habits coach. This comprehensive set of skills allows Tony to navigate the complex web of interconnected wellness disciplines, providing a holistic approach to health.

Tony champions the cause of busy individuals, helping them reclaim their health through gradual and transformative changes in lifestyle, habits, and nutrition. With an impressive career spanning over 20 years in coaching, public speaking, and workshop facilitation, Tony has impacted lives from diverse backgrounds and cultures. He is fervently dedicated to empowering individuals to upgrade their health, well-being, and overall life quality.
With Tony, your journey to wellness is grounded in the five core pillars of health - sleep, stress management, breathing, nutrition, and physical activity. He assists clients in embracing beneficial habits while shedding unwanted ones.

Whether you seek online sessions or in-person engagement, individual coaching or group interaction, or are looking for corporate health and wellness programmes, Tony's offerings cater to all your needs.

Ready to conquer your health journey? Reach out to Tony and discover the power of proactive living.

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