A New Context To Grief; Silke Herwalde

Mindfulness Mode

Nov 28 2022 • 36 mins

Silke Herwald is a Grief Specialist, clinical hypnotherapist, and Master Practitioner of NLP. Silke has supported bereaved women worldwide for well over a decade. As a sought-after speaker, Silke presented “Grief to Love – how to help your clients grieve resourcefully” at the 2019 AHA world conference. Silke also teachesexperienced Hypnotherapists the groundbreaking ‘Grief To Love’ blueprint so they can feel confident in helping their bereaved clients be in less pain. Silke knows what grief feels like from losing three loved ones in as many years. Therefore she understands the many misconceptions about grief because nobody wants to move on or accept it.

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  • Her mom
Effect on Emotions
  • For me, it is about really being aware of emotions. And then going that extra step. What did I just do to make that emotion happen? Because thought influences emotion.
Thoughts on Breathing
  • So important. Because whenever we get stressed, we all go shallow breathing and I sometimes recommend that people just stick a few post-it notes around their house or their apartment. And whenever you see one of those, breathe those notes. Take a deep breath. A New Context To Grief
Suggested Resources
  • App: The put the phone down app. Go out for a walk. Go into the forest.
Bullying Story
  • As a child, I got bullied a lot because you wouldn't know it today. Today, I'm very tall but I was always the smallest and the skinniest kid in the class. There was a classic bully and I got bullied a lot by her as all children probably did. I thought if I only found a way to please her so that then she'd approve of me, then the bullying would stop.
  • If I had been able to just mindfully zoom out of that situation and imagine all of those different situations being played out on a movie screen, for example, I would have probably come to the realization that no matter what little me did, I wasn't ever going to get her approval. A New Context To Grief
  • If I had just had that mindfulness approach and just gone – hang on a minute, just take many, many steps back, just see the big picture here. And oh, come back to you. That has made a huge difference. A New Context To Grief
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