How to Have Enough Time to do Everything!

Wealthy Thoughts

Jun 23 2014 • 56 mins

Stress is most often attributed to not having enough TIME. We’re constantly pressured by deadlines and social expectations, leading us to often feel that it’s “too late”, that we just don’t have enough time. Our society is so focused on succeeding, progressing, and getting ahead, that our health, quality of life, and actual dreams and goals are falling to the wayside. Rather than viewing time as a limiting and confining factor of our day to day, Howard Falco encourages us to rethink our perspective. Falco hopes to help others realize that they have the creative power over how their life unfolds. Tune in on Monday, June 23 to hear Richard Levy talk with Howard Falco about his new release: TIME IN A BOTTLE: Mastering the Experience of Time. 2PM Central, 3PM Eastern, 12PM Pacific on the Empowerment Channel at Voice America.