Losing All Discretion - TS17

Torrid Souls

Sep 15 2019 • 39 mins

Your discovery of the lifestyle likely happened at the intersection of someone in the relationship being curious enough, and brave enough to bring up the topic of exploring sexuality in a new way. They now feel comfortable enough to share their desires. The tricky part is that as individuals, we will also have a list of desires that are as unique as we are. And, if the adage, "opposites attract", is true in your relationships, how easily does this further complicate things? You love your partner, so how do you navigate their interests when what they want may not be of interest to you? How do you support your partner with something that is on the top of their list when it isn't even on your list? In this episode Tori & Soul are having another CarTalk. This time it's about promiscuity and drinking and fantasies, and having your partner support it all. Here goes another emotional discussion, when one person is, clearly, more highly charged, and the other is more rational. We wanted to share this discussion so that others could hear a demonstration of how partners can support one another, in their lifestyle journey, as they open up and uncovering what truly pleases them. Listen and discover how to embrace the understanding that, "what one person does, really has nothing to do the the other person" - which is the opposite of what many people are taught to believe about relationships. Supporting your partner (while having established agreements about behaviours in place) is more likely to bring you closer to each other, rather than weakening your connection - the opposite to what people often fear.

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