Body Lifts for Significant Weight Loss (Ep 24)

The Trillium Show with Dr. Jason Hall

Oct 13 2022 • 25 mins


  • What are the specific needs for patients who’ve experienced major weight loss? (00:44)
  • The optimal time to have plastic surgery after significant weight loss (01:51)
  • Proper preoperative bloodwork (05:54)
  • The most comprehensive approach to the plastic surgery procedure after weight loss (06:35)
  • Is a Body Lift an outpatient procedure? (11:41)
  • What to expect during recovery (13:09)
  • Possible complications and how they’re prevented (14:20)
  • Which post-weight loss surgeries can be combined to minimize recovery time, and what order should they be done in? (20:49)


Dr. Jason Hall, MD

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