#100 | The Will To Walk Again After A Spinal Cord Injury With Chris Norton

The Prehab Podcast

May 23 2021 • 55 mins

In our 100th episode, Dillon sits down with Chris Norton to discuss the power to stand!!! Chris suffered a cervical spinal cord injury and when given a 3 percent chance to move again took control of his outcome. He faced adversity and persevered to not just move again but to be able to walk across the stage to receive his college diploma and then to walk his wife down the aisle! Chris has become an inspiration to thousands across the world as his story went viral and most recently his movie, 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story was released on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV. In this episode, he shares with us his story, the ups, the downs, how much work went into his neuro-rehabilitation program, and how he continues to inspire people across the world!


-Team [P]Rehab

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