Episode 26: Conversation with Dr. Gregory Scott Brown

Wellevate Life Podcast

Jul 19 2022 • 1 hr 2 mins

Gregory Scott Brown, is an integrative psychiatrist, mental health writer, and author of The Self-Healing Mind: An Essential Five-Step Practice to Overcoming Anxiety, and Depression and Revitalizing Your Life. But despite being a doctor who works with patients and commonly gives advice, it is his personal story that introduced him to understand the importance of mental health.

In 2019, he wrote for Men’s Health magazine, “I’m a psychiatrist, husband, a man of colour, and proud wellness advocate. Every day, I see patients and tell them: Talk, speak up. But a decade ago, suffering from depression. I didn’t say a word.” Despite ultimately acknowledging his depression, he had trouble connecting with psychiatrists and therapists in a meaningful way and largely stayed silent about what he was going through.

For the past several years, Greg has hosted conversations about mental health either on social media or for his Men’s Health column about topics including student-athlete mental, coping with the stress of a chaotic news cycle, and cultural barriers to accessing mental healthcare.

Greg’s mission is to change the way we talk and think about mental health. We had a candid conversation about how mental health affects the way we work, live, and love. Releasing tomorrow, keep an eye on our feed because you don’t want to miss on the informative insights shared by Gregory Scott Brown.

In this episode we discuss

  • Dr. Gregory’s Journey
  • Did Travel inspire Dr.Gregory’s Love for Self Care
  • Despite having Improper work schedules, Stigma around Men and Mental health, How did Dr. Gregory deal with depression
  • The Social Pressure of ‘Men Don’t cry’
  • Yoga and Anxiety
  • How does breath work affect our body
  • How does Dr.Gregory ensure compliance from his patients
  • Dr. Gregory’s take on Therapy
  • Dr. Gregory’s experience with Cold Pressed Oil’s
  • How challenging is Self-care for Men
  • The Power of Pets
  • Redefining Mental Health
  • Dr. Brown’s take on Gun violence in America and links to Mental health issues
  • Dr. Brown’s tip for Men starting off their Mental health journey