129-Dr. Matt Asaro: Mamba Mentality

Tooth or Dare Podcast

Sep 17 2023 • 34 mins

Welcome to "Mamba Mentality with Dr. Matt Asaro," the podcast episode where we dive deep into the mindset, strategies, and stories of remarkable individuals who have carved their own paths to success, some of whom Matt identifies with and some, well he disagrees with in the practice of dentistry.

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If you've been listening to the podcast for a while you'll know that Matt is an OG in the social media game, interviewed by Irene and former podcast cohost on episode #16. Things have really changes since June 2019.

Dr. Matt takes us on a journey through his personal and professional life, highlighting the transformative changes that have unfolded since 2019. But the real magic lies in his mastery of social media. As a seasoned healthcare professional, he's harnessed the power of online platforms, blending authenticity, enjoyment, professionalism, and strategic self-promotion to connect with patients. Discover how Dr. Matt's social media presence has become a key driver of cosmetic cases in his practice.

Starting your own practice is no small feat, and Dr. Matt shares the story of his determined journey. From renting a chair in a friend's startup practice to opening his independent practice in 2020, he's navigated challenges and successes with grace. Learn how he balances professional and personal life, even embracing the joys of relationships and his upcoming marriage.

Competition often begins in our own minds, and Dr. Matt reminds us that success isn't about rivals but about forging unique paths and fostering distinct cultures. Drawing inspiration from businesses like McDonald's, he discusses the importance of continuous innovation and self-improvement in a highly competitive field.

Dr. Matt also delves into the challenges of maintaining mental well-being in the demanding world of dentistry. Discover how he prioritizes mental health and finds solace in a supportive community of fellow dentists.

Throughout the episode, we explore Dr. Matt's social media presence, which you can connect with via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and his website. Follow him to witness his educational and entertaining content that radiates his true personality, sense of humor, and unwavering positivity.

Join us for an inspiring and enlightening conversation with Dr. Matt Asaro, a trailblazer in healthcare, social media, and the pursuit of excellence. Don't miss "Mamba Mentality with Dr. Matt Asaro."

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4_X4Y0wgwTcgFpa8Nx2yig/featured%2520

Website: https://asarodentalaesthetics.com/

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