PART 1 -“Gut, Drive, Determination” The True story of Nick Dunn Surviving Hell- 6 years falsely imprisoned in an Indian Hell Hole Prison

Straight Talk - Mind and Muscle Podcast

Feb 3 2023 • 56 mins

Hold on tight, because this one goes DEEP AF!
It was an absolute honour to speak with Nick, and to hear him so openly share his story about being in the Chennai 6 - British soldiers falsely imprisoned for 6 years - and his road to recovery after being released.

Author of the book- Surviving Hell - he openly states in this show that the 1 person who saved his life was his sister. And it’s because of his friends and family that he is alive today, no longer suicidal and on recovery journey from such an inhumane period if his life.

The prison scarred him, this is clear to hear and see in Nick’s emotional words and language, however he is rekindling his pride and preciousness of life and I am proud to bring his experience to you all.

Joining the British Army was a calling for him, and now after the depths of being weak, broken, and ashamed he is using his grit, drive and determination to claw his way back to a new chapter of his life, one with hope.

Watching a strong man share his rollercoaster journey with such openness can help us all to learn, and grow and I can tell you I came away from this one with goosebumps and thankfulness.

“The Chennai Six were all British former soldiers travelling on an anti-piracy ship, the MV Seaman Guard Ohio. They were there to protect vessels against Somali pirates but their real enemy turned out to be the Indian authorities who trapped them for years in a legal nightmare.

The men were falsely charged with intruding in Indian waters and the possession of illegal weapons. Nick lost four years of his life in India, the bulk of it in appalling conditions at Chennai prison. Despite this, he refused to buckle and now he tells his full, inspiring story for the first time.”

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