Music for Dementia with Grace Meadows

Life on Repeat: A Dementia Caregiver Podcast

Feb 14 2022 • 37 mins

In this episode, we delve deep into the power of sound and music and explore how music can serve as a bridge to connect us with those who have dementia. Grace Meadows is a music therapist and Campaign Director for Music for Dementia, a UK based campaign with a mission to make music an integral part of dementia care. "Music isn't a nicety, it's a necessity for people living with dementia" We explore: The importance of sound in human beings: did you know we are wired for rhythm pre-birth through the heartbeat of our mother? How to incorporate music into daily tasks to support smooth transitions through the day How music can be used as a tool for those resistive moments How music can support the caregiver/care partner Why music is a conduit for connection and creativity Grace shares a touching story about a man who was resisting care until a music therapist became involved You can find our more about the Music for Dementia Campaign here: Download their "5 Ways to Use Music" pdf here: You can also find their links on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn AND WE INVITE YOU TO FOLLOW LIFE ON REPEAT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: lifeonrepeat.podcast Facebook: ( Podcast Website: ( Personal Consultations and Coaching Website: ( SUBSCRIBE TO THE LIFE ON REPEAT PODCAST: Subscribe to this informative podcast where I interview dementia specialists and other professionals to help caregivers feel educated, supported and empowered. We talk about a variety of topics including how to live your best life as a caregiver, how to work with challenges that may arise and how to gain knowledge so you can be your own best advocate. You can also find it by searching “Life on Repeat” on any podcast app (eg: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify etc) or simply saying "Alexa, listen to Life on Repeat Podcast” on your Apple device. Or simply go to the link below for ease =). (