EP 4: 11 Hydration Hacks + the “Piss Test”

Busy Blokes Podcast

Aug 10 2022 • 39 mins

Batto reaches another mini milestone in his weight-loss journey and explains why he is pumping the brakes on the chilli. We then get soaking wet with ELEVEN hacks to boost your hydration levels, the issue with over-hydrating, along with the super-secret “Piss Test” to monitor your daily hydration levels yourself.

  • Introduction: Batto recaps his success in the previous week, detailing his boost in strength and his kitchen experiments (0:00 – 8:05)
  • “Nitty Gritty”: The vital importance of water in the body, early signs of dehydration, the issue with over-hydrating, how you can monitor your levels with “The Piss Test” (8:05 – 12:47)
  • “Down to Business”: 11 slippery tips to boost your hydration (12:47 – 35:14)
  • “Golden Nugget”: We give a listener shout-out then Christian leaves Jake with a golden chicken nugget of wisdom (35:14 – 39:30)

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